Feeling “Meh” About Disney? Here’s 4 Ways to Rekindle Your Obsession

Even the biggest Disney fans go through rough patches. These are times where you seem to temporarily loose your addiction to the magic. I go through them occasionally as I’m sure every fanatic does – but there’s no reason to worry! When going through these dampening times, here are a few things to try out:

There comes a point in time where reading the same blogs, looking at the same photos, and learning stuff you already know becomes boring – no matter how much interest you have in the topic. So look for blogs you’ve never read or been to before. Each blog about Disney will be different, as everyone’s view of the parks will vary. Be inspired by other peoples’ points of view.

There are loads of incredibly talented photographers out there, many of which are photographing almost nothing but Disney theme parks. Find them! Flickr is a great place to start. Why do you think I posted the best of the best Walt Disney World pictures last week? It’s time we look through other peoples’ lens and see what they have to offer. Seeing the parks through others’ eyes can only open our eyes even more to the astounding beauty of Disney.

Sometimes, you may think you’ve lost your interest in Disney – but the real test is to re-visit the parks. Once you’re in the Resort, the place you’ve loved for so long, chances are you will immediately regain your interest and admiration of such a fun place. Live close by? Take a spontaneous weekend trip to Epcot! Anything will do, from a quick trip to a major vacation, being back in the magic should revive your obsession.

If all else fails, just stop thinking about Disney for a week or two. This would be traumatic for most of us, and if it is for you too, then you still have a strong interest in Disney. Don’t visit the blogs, don’t look at the pictures, don’t listen to the music, and don’t go to the parks. See how long you can last! Chances are, not too long. Dial 911 in case of emergency.

These are just a few ways to regain your obsession with Walt Disney World when you’re going through times of disinterest. What tactics have you used? Have you even had this problem before? Share your stories and ideas in the comments!

Photo by Joe Penniston