Disney’s Awesome Things #8: Riding a Ride During Fireworks

#8 Fireworks are amazing just by themselves. Then, if you put Disney into the equation, fireworks instantly become even better. But nothing beats riding an attraction in Walt Disney World during a fireworks show.

Now, some of you might argue that it’s not as good because you can’t really concentrate on the Fireworks, and also you can’t hear the music along with the fireworks.

I can’t argue with that, but still – when you’re experiencing the fun of an attraction and see the sky light up with those fantastic colors, you can’t help but smile. My favorites to ride during a fireworks show tend to be Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion (pretend it’s lightning), and most any other indoor rides.

So when you hear the boom or see the sky light up, you know the day has almost come to an end. You better hurry, because after the fireworks, one more day of magic has slipped away and the crowds will start heading to the park exit. It’s a happy and sad feeling, at the same time.

What rides have you ridden during Fireworks? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

Photo by Joe P.