Is Disney Headed in the Wrong Direction?

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Otherwise I look like a jerk who hates Disney.

If Walt were here today, what would he be thinking of Disney World right now?

Walt, you must be a little disappointed.

Disappointed by the fact that no one could plan ahead, and now the Expedition Everest Yeti stands lifeless and defeats the purpose of the attraction. Disappointed by the fact that carelessness at 2AM on July 5th cost one man his life. Disappointed that Disney World has become satisfied with the status quo – something that should never happen.

See that picture? That didn’t need to happen. That shouldn’t have happened. But it did. Why?

I don’t really know – but chances are it has to do with carelessness. This is about the fourth accident in Disney Transportation over the past few months. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about running a company as large and well-known as Disney – but I do know that Walt wouldn’t let this slide. It’s time to take things more seriously, Disney.

Disney is supposed to be a place free from the troubles of the ‘real world’. Free from distractions, free from reality. Yet when something like this happens, or even something as horrific as the monorail incident, it reminds us all that Disney still IS the real world. We’ve just been fooling ourselves.

For every incident, accident, injury, & even death that occurs in their gates that could’ve been prevented, chances are there is one big fan or future guest that looses the magic. All because of carelessness.

DEAR DISNEY – I’m not bashing you. I’m still the biggest fan out their of Walt Disney World. I love your work. You’re all brilliant – really. I just think it’s time to put quality back over quantity. Saftey over efficiency. And magic over money.

So to answer the original question – I don’t think Disney is headed in the wrong direction. I just think they have made a couple of wrong turns, but that is easily fixed. If they catch themselves now, they can get going in the good direction, the direction that was originally intended. The end.

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