Disney’s Awesome Things #11: The Final Blast of Lights, Motors, Action!

#11 Everyone has got to love Lights, Motors, Action – right? The stunt cars come so close, it’s incredible they can do such amazing feats and tricks. Some of us claim to drive like that all the time.

Anyways, everyone has different favorite parts of the show. Some say their favorite part is the motorcycle chase. Some like the special appearance by Herbie. My favorite part, however, is the final blast as I like to call it.

It’s the last thing that happens in the whole show. You’ve been enjoying the daring stunts, on-fire motorcyclists, and little kids thinking they are controlling a life-size remote control car.

It’s been a fun performance – and suddenly, as if from nowhere – the hero car races up the ramp and jumps into the stands it seems with loads of fire & fireworks to heighten the effect. The fire heats your face along with the Florida sun, and it’s at that point everyone knows the show is over.

Photo by Joe P.