Thinking of Disney as a Brand – Not Just a Place

When some of us hear the word “Disney” mentioned, the first thing we think of is Disney theme parks. In fact I think sometimes we get so carried away with the whole Disney World bit that we forget Disney is just another brand out there. And so far, they have quite a reputable one – most of the time.

A comment posted by I. Watt on the Disney from an Outside Perspective article a while back gave me better insight into this. Here’s what he said:

My experience in attempting to organize a family vacation to WDW has been rather negative! I can’t believe that WDW can’t afford a universal toll-free phone for potential customer queries! After being on the line for 5 minutes and answering a multitude of questions I was informed that I was put in line for the next available “agent” which would be about 10 minutes!

I tried email to get a response to my questions re dining plans and I’m still waiting any kind of reply other than the universal “thank you for your query..we’ll be in touch” (5 days and counting!)

I’m totally surprised that an organization with such a sterling reputation for customer service can operate in such a shoddy manner! Communication appears to be a major problem area for WDW. Trip is now on hold for time being.

This is intriguing to me. Mainly because I usually don’t think of Disney World as a brand. I’m always so excited and pumped to even be booking or planning a vacation there that I forget about the whole customer service aspect of things.

Sure we all have negative experiences on the phone or in the parks of Disney, but we overlook it. Why? Because we have seen too many happy cast members and pleasant phone operators to let a few mishaps dim out the good. But newcomers like I. Watt haven’t.

Each phone call, each cast member, and each thing relating to the Disney brand could always be someone’s first interaction with Disney – which means they will quickly formulate their first impression. Now Disney needs to concentrate on making each interaction a pleasant one.

I would love to hear what you all have to say about this – have you had bad experiences with the Disney brand? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

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