Walt Disney Quote of the Month: April 2010

I think it’s important to know many quotes by Walt Disney. After all, he is the one who created this place we blog, tweet, take photos, and listen to music of! Since Walt is gone, reading about him and his quotes is the only real way to get into his head. And that’s why I’m creating the Walt Disney Quote of the Month series.

Every month, an inspirational quote by Walt Disney will be posted here on WDW Central. The quotes will be about anything – Walt’s Animation Studio, EPCOT Center, life, youth, & everything in between. This month, it’s about a childlike yet content approach to life.

I won’t give an analysis of this quote, but I will say this important lesson from Walt’s life: Walt never had much. Yet he was always happier than the richest men in the world. And that should tell us something, now shouldn’t it?

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