It’s Easy to Have a Bad Experience

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been in Walt Disney World the past few days. I’m now inspired even more – ready with new post ideas, and a new header to kick it off!

One of the things I realized at the beginning of my recent Disney trip is a simple fact: It’s easy to have a bad experience in the parks.

In fact it’s way easier than we ever realize.

Pretend you’re a Disney newbie – it’s your first time to the parks in years and you’re excited. The instant you drive onto Disney property, you immediately and subconsciously began formulating first impressions.

This should be a scary thought for Disney. Why? Because, as I witnessed on my trip a couple days ago, one non-magical thing said by a cast member, one ride breakdown, or anything remotely negative that happens is being seen by many people.

I say this for newcomers to Disney – If you’ve had a negative experience in the Disney Parks, don’t formulate first impressions based on that negative event. Like any company, it’s easy to have a bad experience – but it’s also easy to have a good one, too.

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Photo by Lunchbox Photography