4 Brilliantly Fun Ways to Avoid Burnouts

Too much of anything in a short time can be bad.

Even Disney. Here’s a quick guide with four ways to avoid in-park burnouts to keep cool + refreshed.

1) Take the Monorail, go somewhere: Sometimes when you are worn out, a good approach is to take the monorail and go. Doesn’t matter where – just go. To a deluxe resort, or even only in circles. It will relax you and have you wanting to come back to the parks for more.

2) Classic midday nap: Drive back to the hotel and watch some Resort TV, take a nap, or dive into the pool – any of these options back at your hotel will refresh you and get you back in the Disney vacation mode.

3) Find a bench & people watch: If you’re feeling tired and worn out, Disney has this clever invention called a bench. You should try it. Just find one with a good view of a ride entrance, sit, and watch. It’s very relaxing and fun to watch other people have a good time as well.

4) Ride a long, slow ride: Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Spaceship Earth. People Mover. Anything that’s a long ride and will let you sit, relax, and take in air conditioning will be helpful in eliminating any stress you could get.

The point of this? Trips to the most magical place on earth can sometimes be anything but magical. So these tips should remove the stress of vacation and bring you the zen of relaxation. Any tips you can add?