Disney’s Awesome Things #14: Good Ol’ Uncle Orville

#14The Carousel of Progress is always a must-do for me. Sure it gets kind of lame after a while, but it’s so memorable and the fact that Walt himself created it makes it even more awesome.

One of my favorite characters in the rotating theatre show is good ol’ Uncle Orville – known for his famous (and only) line in each scene, “No privacy at all around this place!” While he’s only physically seen in one scene (in the picture above), he is heard in every scene if I’m not mistaken.

“Uncle Orville’s taken over the coolest spot in the house. And he’s rigged up a real clever contraction. He calls it “air cooling.” To bad he’s not reading the help wanted ads.”

And for a fun fact you might not have known – Uncle Orville is voiced by Mel Blanc. Blanc’s son is also in the attraction as the radio announcer.

Photo by Joe Penniston