What If Epcot Was Totally Re-Imagined?

Does Epcot even need re-imagining?

Some would say yes. Others might disagree. But let’s think of Walt’s original idea for Epcot – it stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, but that’s not really what it is. Some complain that Epcot is not what it used to be – and while that’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse now.

What I Would Change and Why

While I’m not a huge fan of Epcot82’s philosophy to completely change it back to the original idea because most things there now are bad, I do think some change would be good.

Re-Think Innoventions
It’s just horrible. It’s the sorriest mash-up of random ideas piled into two buildings I’ve ever seen.

First we have a bunch of “going green” type things like Don’t Waste It!, Smarter Planet, and Environmentality Center. Then we have absolutely random stuff like Segway Central, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and Slapstick Studios.

I don’t know about you, but to me these ‘attractions’ don’t even sound tempting. It’s like Disney had a bunch of lame ideas and thought that if they combined them all it would become cool. Well, it didn’t.

I’m not sure what could replace it, but I’m sure Disney could think of something. Maybe create a mini futuristic world inside the two buildings. Maybe have one building a world of the past and one a world of the future – and make it incredibly realistic. Anything.

Re-Improve Figment
(You know I couldn’t miss this one). I think you’ll be surprised to see me say that I don’t think Figment needs to be destroyed. I do think, though, that that it could be greatly improved. The storyline is fine.

But they need to spruce it up – a lot. Give it a fresh coat of paint, open up the pyramids again, switch out a couple scenes and add some really cool, modern effects – not a disappearing butterfly! Then it might get some guests.

Help Nemo & Friends
I’m not really sure what’s wrong with this one. It’s a fine attraction – good effects and a storyline to a great movie. All that’s missing is the guests and I honestly don’t know why they are never there.

Keep Mission: SPACE
My thoughts on this one are simple – keep it. It’s set far in the future and deals with futuristic things. It actually relates to Epcot in that way.

I know people complain that “not everyone can handle it”. Well you know what, not everyone can handle Tower of Terror but it’s still there and going strong!

No, it shouldn’t be re-imagined – just Improved

I have a feeling if Disney totally started over on Epcot that they would ruin it. So no – it shouldn’t be re-imagined…but it should be improved in different areas, and greatly improved too.

Would you re-imagine Epcot? What would you change?

Photo by Joe