Want to Have a Bad Vacation? Here’s How

When I’m in the parks, I always see a family having a bad time. Here are the five stupidest ways families force themselves into a miserable vacation.

Make kids go on things they’re scared of
You know what? I think we should take little Suzie on the Haunted Mansion! That’s genius – and as the parents are dragging her through the door, she could be kicking, screaming, and crying for another reason. She probably just has to go to the bathroom, she’ll be fine.

I’m not really sure what are going through parents’ minds as they drag their terrified son or daughter on a potentially scary ride. Maybe they think it’ll cure their fears if they go on it at a young age. Maybe they just want to ride it and don’t care. Maybe they haven’t heard of the Baby Swap.

Never come to an agreement about anything
“What do you want to ride next?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe Thunder Mountain.” “Well I want to ride Pirates again.” “Well you know Figment probably doesn’t have a wait.” “Yes but that’s in a different park.” “Well do you want to go to Epcot?” “No.” “Fine then.” “I’m hungry.” “Want some popcorn?” “Hey look, it’s Pirates!”

Sure it can be hard to decide what to do, but at least make a decision. I mean there’s only so many hours in a day, and you shouldn’t spend all of them choosing what to do. Just pick something and do it. Then you’ll actually get things accomplished.

Never take a break
The next idea people get is to run themselves ragged. They want to cram all these things into one vacation, they want to cram having fun into a certain time frame – which doesn’t work.

It’s important to take breaks. Breaks are what keep you happy in the heat and crowds. Without breaks it won’t take long for your whole party to feel exhausted and miserable. Sit on a bench, go inside a gift shop, get some ice cream, whatever – it will help!

Be disappointed if you don’t do everything
Depending how often you visit the World and how long you stay, chances are you’re not going to get to do everything you want each trip. And you know what? That’s okay!

Do as much as you can (while still keeping your sanity), and whatever doesn’t get done you can do next trip. Don’t burn yourself out over something that minuscule. Just do what you can and enjoy every second of it.

Let weather ruin your day
“Aw man! It’s raining! This means everything is going to close. We might as well go back to the hotel now. This is awful.” No, it’s not at all bad – it’s actually a very good thing.

Quick rain showers do a few things: they clear the parks, they cool you down, and they force you to get out of the heat and enjoy a few indoor (but no less fun) attractions.

What do you think?
These are the top 5 things I see folks doing in the Parks that make them miserable. What about you? Do you do these things? Do you like Grumpy? Share with me.