Disney’s Awesome Things #21: The Clean, Wand-less Spaceship Earth

#21When I first got the news that the Spaceship Earth “Epcot” signage and wand were to be removed, I wasn’t happy. I had never seen the ball without them, so to me, this was shocking. But not for long.

Since I had never seen it before the wand and other needless glitz, I was horrified at the thought of all that leaving. To me, it was a part of Spaceship Earth, and without it, things would be plain and boring.

Boy, I’m so glad I was wrong! When I saw that enormous “golf ball” for the first time after the decluttering, I was amazed. Saying it looked great would be a horrible understatement.

If I had to describe the clean Spaceship Earth in adjectives, it would be only the following – simple yet majestic.

That’s why it’s the iconic structure for such a brilliant park as Epcot. Inside it’s reflective silver shingles an adventure awaits.

Photo by JNad