Taking a deeper look into theme park brilliance.

What makes the theme parks brilliant? Go in depth to discover the creative details and aspects of the parks you never thought of before.

Music in the Parks
An in-depth look at the complexity and technical genius of the Disney theme park music. Learn the details of the music and the Disney composers behind it all.

Disney + Branding (stay tuned)
An in-depth look at the world of Disney branding. Take a detailed look at what the Disney brand stands for and some of it’s most recognizable logos and names.

Science of Sound (stay tuned)
An in-depth look at the time, care, money, and effort Disney puts into the background, ambiance, and parade music as well as the cleverly hidden speakers, and more.

Technical & Special Effects (stay tuned)
An in-depth look at the technical and special effects achieved in all Disney attractions. Lighting, fog, smells, sound, and more play an essential role in a themes’ realism.

Hidden Safety (stay tuned)
An in-depth look at the hidden but very precise, detailed, and thought-through safety measures throughout the parks’ attractions, shows, rides, and more.