Go for launch. Hang on.

Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Find out on this thrilling adventure taking you around the moon and to your final destination, Mars. Mission: SPACE takes place in 2036. Your shuttle – the X2 Deep Space Flying Shuttle – is powered by solid hydrogen. You’ll experience the G-forces, the excitement, the thrill, and the pre-flight jitters once you enter the queue. Mission: SPACE is a not-to-be-missed attraction, so check it out! (Photo)

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips:

Mission: SPACE takes place in a simulator that spins around a wheel to produce the G-forces. The Green Team does not spin, which produces no G-forces, while the Orange Team has some intense G-forces.

Mission: SPACE has more warnings that any ride at the Walt Disney World Resort – and for a good reason. See below for the warnings that should be read before you experience the attraction.

The fictional ISTC (International Space Training Center) has the tagline of “We Choose to Go!” – taken from a speech made by John F. Kennedy.

Warning! Mission: SPACE is a highly turbulent, motion simulator thrill ride that creates G-forces during launch and re-entry sequences and includes intense maneuvers that can result in nausea and disorientation even if you have never experienced motion sickness before. If you are made uncomfortable by enclosed dark spaces, simulators, loud noises, or spinning, you should bypass this experience.

Attraction Information:

 Type: Spinning Centrifuge
Theme: Spaceship Cockpit
Duration: 5 minutes
Opened: October 9, 2003
Replaced: Horizons

Helpful Advice:

 Wheelchair must transfer
Assistive Listening Available
Closed Captioning Available
Fastpass is Available Here



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