Don’t touch that hat, Donald.

It’s show time, but Mickey’s orchestra isn’t ready! Mickey wakes Donald up, telling him to quickly get everything ready and not to touch his sorcerer hat. Donald disobeys, and looses the hat in the whirlwind of angry instruments. Go on an exciting 4-D movie with Donald through many classic Disney movie scenes as he looks for Mickey’s hat. At the end of it all, Mickey finally takes control of the chaos – and Donald goes flying out of a Tuba!

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips

  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic has the largest, seamless projection screen ever made. It’s 150 feet long!
  • Most voices of the characters are original, with the exception of a few (Simba, Peter Pan, and Donald).
  • A lot of Donald’s voices are from old, previous recordings, however some things had to be added, such as Donald humming along to “Be Our Guest”.
  • Be sure to look behind you at the end of the film – Donald comes flying out of the Tuba, and seems to crash into the back theatre wall!
  • Attraction Information
    Type: 3-D Film, Theatre
    Duration: 15 minutes
    Opened: October 3, 2003    

    Helpful Advice
    Shows every 15 minuntes

    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistive Listening Here
     Fastpass Available Here

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