They’re after your laughter.

Mike Wazowski has discovered that the power of human laughter is 10 times more powerful than that of screams. That gave him the idea to open up the laugh floor – and you’re invited! Join your “monster” of ceremonies Mike Wazowski and the entire gang from the film “Monsters, Inc.” in this live-action, interactive stand up comedy routine. Never the same show twice, guests will be chosen at random to participate in jokes, magical tricks, and more!

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips:

As guests are taking there seat, hidden cameras will locate guests and show them on screen, including funny captions – such as, “Will treat everyone to churros”.

This attraction has gone through three name changes since its production. During development it was named the ‘Laugh Floor Comedy Club’. During soft openings it was changed to ‘Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club’. It was finally changed to ‘Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor’ as a shorter alternative.

Guests sitting towards the end of rows tend to get picked more frequently for interaction to make it easier on the cast member walking around with the microphone.

Attraction Information:Type: Interactive Theatre
Theme: Comedy Club
Duration: 10 minutes
Opened: April 2, 2007
Replaced: The Timekeeper

Photo: Tom Simpson
Helpful Advice: Shows run every 10 minutes
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Wheelchair Accessible


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