Dead men tell no tales.

Join the swashbuckling adventures of mischievous pirates as they invade the Caribbean seaport on this classic Walt Disney World attraction. As you plunge a seemingly short distance, you have actually traveled a great deal – back in time to see what pirates did first hand. You’re always in the middle of the action – whether it’s between two cannon-fighting ships, or a fire throughout the town. And now, Captain Jack Sparrow joins the troublemaking crew on a search for buried treasure. Will he find it? Ride and see!

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips

  • The “Chasing Scene” now includes pirates running in circles holding a treasure chest, and a woman chasing a pirate with stolen goods. Before, pirates were chasing women, which was considered by some politically incorrect.
  • The chubby pirate holding a treasure map (with Jack Sparrow sneakily listening in a barrel) was originally a pirate exhausted from chasing a young female (who originally hid in the same barrel). He muttered suggestive dialogue, which was considered by some to be inappropriate. It was later changed.
  • Attraction Information
    Type: Flume Ride
    Theme: Pirates
    Duration: 8.5 minutes
    Opened: December 15, 1973  

    Helpful Advice
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    Wheelchair must Transfer
    May be Frightening

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