Keep an eye on Stitch.

Welcome to the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center – this is where the Galactic Federation sends the “criminal” aliens, and it seems you’ve been recruited! Just as you arrive in this elaborate yet comical facility, you are given a brief introduction as to your job (looking after a level one prisoner). During your briefing, a level three prisoner comes in (Stitch) and urgently needs to be watched – and you’re the only recruits for the job. When watching the mischievous alien, anything can happen – including power failures, Stitch breaking loose, and Stitch using the two power cannons against you. Be on guard!

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips

  • Stitch received much criticism for being a “lame replacement” for the previous, more intense Alien Encounter attraction. Also, some don’t like that the attraction is not an original idea, but another attraction based on a movie.
  • Stitch is one of the most advanced audio-anamatronics to date. He actually appears to walk around on the stage, and he is the first anamatronic to spit water.
  • At the end of the show, guests are released either into Merchant of Venus or Mickey’s Star Traders.
  • Warning! This attraction has long periods of darkness, special effects, and loud sounds that may frighten some.
  • Attraction Information
    Type: Interactive Theatre
    Theme: Teleportation Center
    Duration: 18 minutes
    Opened: November 16, 2004
    Replaced: Alien Encounter 

    Helpful Advice
     Short Wait Time
    Wheelchair Accessible
     FASTPASS Available
    May be Frightening
     Assistive Listening Here

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