Hail to the Chief.

The Hall of Presidents was originally created by Walt Disney. He called it “One Nation Under God”. After Walt Disney passed away, the Imagineers decided to continue the idea as a tribute. Here you will see an interesting video presentation about the history of America, one nation under God, focusing mainly on slavery and equality. Afterwords, watch the Presidential roll-call – quickly introducing every American President to date. Finally, listen to President Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address, and President Barack Obama recreate the Presidential Oath!

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips

  • Walt Disney Imagineers went to the White House for the recording of former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama’s speeches.
  • It only took George W. Bush 6 minutes to record his speech at the White House, all in one take.
  • President Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama are the most sophisticated audio-anamatronics that Walt Disney Imagineering has ever created.
  • Attraction Information
    Type: Theatre
    Duration: 23 minutes
    Opened: October 1, 1971

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     Shows every 23 minuntes

    Wheelchair Accessible
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