Welcome, foolish mortals.

You are walking down a dimly lit, empty street. You see the lightning and hear the wolves howl from a distance. Walking up to a run-down, deserted mansion, you notice that a candle is flickering in an upper window. Once you pass the rusty gates at the entrance to the condemned mansion, you can faintly hear music and festivities going on inside. Who would be occupying the cobweb stricken space? Go on a supernatural journey with your Ghost Host as you tour the mansion’s creepy rooms and echoing halls via Doom Buggies. Read a more detailed plot of this attraction.

Fun Facts, Helpful Tips

  • The Haunted Mansion was originally planned to be a walk through haunted house, however after Walt Disney passed away, the Imagineers went with the Omni-mover system instead.
  • The theme song, “Grim Grinning Ghosts”, written by Buddy Baker and X Atencio, is heard in a number of styles, including a ballroom waltz with strange minor chords, a gloomy version of the wedding march using minor chords & key changes, and more.
  • In the Seance Room, Madam Leota’s floating head is actually projected – but not from the front. A projector with an inverse lens is in the head projecting the footage.
  • Attraction Information
    Type: Dark Ride
    Theme: Haunted House
    Duration: 7 minutes
    Opened: October 1, 1971
    Vehicles: Doom Buggies
    Narrator: “Ghost Host”

    Helpful Advice
    Average Wait Time

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    Wheelchair must Transfer
    May be Frightening

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