As you walk down the stony pathway for the outside portion of the queue, look on the left to see a small graveyard – with funny sayings and one surprise.

Stretching Room

This is the first real part of the attraction. On the walls of this octagonal room are four pictures. The room starts to literally stretch to reveal more to each picture. The bottom portion of the pictures that are now visible either reveal how each person died, or are meant simply to look intimidating. For example, one image is a girl balancing on a tightrope – above a pool of alligators. Another is an elderly woman sitting – on top of a tombstone of her husband, with a sculpture of him with an axe through his head.

The stretching room is the first time you are introduced to your “Ghost Host”. He explains the pictures above are some of their previous guests, how they were in their mortal state. He addresses the stretching room, and proceeds to tell you that this chamber has no windows or doors – and challenges you to find a way out. He then says “Of course, there’s always my way…” The lights go out and lightning flashes reveal a corpse hanging from a noose in the rafters. A secret panel in the wall opens, and you proceed to the loading area.

The Boarding Area

On the right wall near the beginning of the boarding area is your last chance to exit. The boarding area is also where you see the doom buggies you will be getting into. You hear the ghost host once again saying the safety instructions. Not boring and general like most attractions, the safety spiel is perfectly themed to match the style of the attraction:

And now, a carriage approaches, to take you into the boundless realm of the supernatural. Once on board, remain safely seated with your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside – and watch your children please.

Portrait Hallway

Once on board, you first enter a hallway with portraits on the right side. On the left, you see lightning flash as a storm has blown in. The portraits look normal, until the lightning flashes – and they are altered to look doomed. For instance, there is a ship at sea in one painting. When lightning flashes, its sails are torn and the ship looks ghostly.

The Library

You then enter the mansion’s library. The ghost host announces that there are hundreds of books here – and they are all ghost stories. Also in the book cases are large marble busts of great ghost writers, who appear to turn their heads and follow you as you pass.

Music Room

You then enter the quick scene of the music room. Here you see an old, run-down piano. All you can see of it’s ghostly player is his shadow on the ground. A cello and music stand are sitting next to the piano, covered in cobwebs and dust.


You then enter a room full of crazy, gravity-defying staircases. Some are normal, some upside down, and some even sideways. You can see green footprints all over each staircase, but see no people using them. Soon after you are taken to a quick section of dark, ghostly wallpaper of eyes. However the eyes aren’t actually part of the wallpaper – they are moving around and blinking, and appear to be bats hiding in the dark corner.

Endless Hallway

After the wallpaper, you enter the endless hallway. Before the hallway and close do the doom buggy, is a suit of armor that moves. Also there is a chair with a back patter made to look like ghost eyes – and it appears to be rocking itself. Down the hallway are doors on each side, and in the middle is a lone, floating candelabra. You hear screams and moans as you pass.

Corridor of Doors

Next you’re taken backwards through a lond and winding corridor full of doors on either side. Obviously occupied by ghosts, each door is trying to be opened (in different ways for each door) as the ghosts try to escape. You then pass a grandfather clock with a 13th hour. The hour hand is stuck at the 13, while the minute hand is going around and around backwards. At the bottom of the clock is a demon’s tail.

Séance Room

Then you are taken into the Seance room. You see mysterious objects floating around. In the middle of the room floating above a table is the head of Madame Leota inside a crystal ball. She is apparently “connected” to the spirit world as she recites spells and chants in an attempt to get the haunts to materialize. It works.

The Ballroom

Madame Leota seemed to have materialized the spirits, as you enter the Ballroom. You see a huge ballroom below you full of appearing and disappearing ghosts – dancing, eating, talking, and being merry. Ghosts are entering through a broken down door at the bottom of a stairwell that supposedly leads to the Graveyard. At the end of the ballroom is a large organ with a phantom organist playing a ghostly waltz version of the Grim Grinning Ghosts theme song.

The Attic

You turn around and enter the attic of the mansion. There are lots of cobweb covered clothes and other keepsakes. You see lots about 6 pictures of a beautiful but grim woman. In each picture she is standing next to a different man on her wedding day(s) – and on all pictures the husband’s head disappears. In every picture, you should notice more pearls around her neck and her smile faintly grows into a smirk. This implies she simply married each man for his money – and killed them all off. The next man had more money than the previous, making her happier each time.

You then pass the same woman – yet now she is a ghostly looking woman apparently dressed for another wedding. She mutters wedding vows with a ghastly twist, such as:

In sickness and in…wealth.
You may now kiss the bride.
I do…I did.
For better, or for…worse.

Each time she mutters something, an axe appears in her hand. You then exit out of an upstairs window and enter the graveyard.

The Graveyard

You now pass dilapidated gates to an old graveyard, where you hear singing. At the gates is an old gravedigger and his starving dog, both looking terrified. As you enter the graveyard, you see hundreds of ghosts singing, playing instruments, eating, and talking. The highlight of the graveyard is the singing busts – five busts that sing the lyrics to Grim Grinning Ghosts.