Everyone experiences the magic.

No matter what your disability, whether it’s hearing, mobility, visual, or something else, Disney has you covered. Your disability won’t hinder your magical experience as much as you think. You’re still going to have a great time, as Walt Disney World has implemented many ways for guests of all types to experience their attractions and more as effortlessly as possible. Here is a detailed guide to help all guests experience the magic.

The Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities

This official Walt Disney World guidebook is fantastically detailed and informative for guests experiencing the parks with any type of disability. It informs you of attraction boarding procedures, queue types, special restrooms locations, service animal relief locations, and much more for any disability. It gives you the specific information not stated here to know what’s coming for any and all attractions and everything else in the parks.

Ask a cast member where these guides can be found in the theme park you’re visiting.

At the Parks, General Overview

Designated handicapped parking is available in all Walt Disney World parking lots. Ask for directions at the parking toll booths right at the entrance to the park.

Service animals are welcome in the parks and must remain harnessed and on a leash at all times. Many attractions allow service animals to ride, however due to the nature of some attractions, they may not be permitted to ride. In these cases, a member of the party must stay with the animal. Cast members are not permitted to handle the animals. There are backstage areas in each park to relieve service animals.

Most restrooms inside the Walt Disney World Resort are handicap accessible. There are also many companion-assisted restrooms located throughout the resort. Check your disability guide map for specific locations.

There is one First Aid location in each theme park to provide assistance, or to store medications. Magic Kingdom: Adjacent to Crystal Palace restaurant, off Main Street USA; Epcot: Odyssey Center, in Future World; Hollywood Studios: Adjacent to Guest Relations, just near main entrance; Animal Kingdom: Behind Creature Comforts in Discovery Island

Mobility Disabilities

Guests are always welcome to bring their own wheelchairs in the parks with them. Courtesy wheelchairs for travel between parking lots and wheelchair rental locations outside of the park are available at no cost. These courtesy wheelchairs are not permitted inside the parks. THere are multiple rental locations inside and outside each theme park.

It costs $10.00 to rent a wheelchair for one day. It is $45.00 (plus a $20.00 deposit) to rent an ECV for one day.

Certain types of attractions require disabled guests to transfer from their wheelchair of ECV. In this instance, they must be able to transfer themselves or get assistance from a member of their party. Cast members are not permitted to assist guests in transfer.

Many attractions have axillary entrances, designed for easier access for guests in wheelchairs or with service animals. Only five members of the party, not including the disabled guest, may use these entrances.

Parades and some shows have designated viewing areas for guests using wheelchairs or ECV’s. Plan to arrive early, as these spaces are limited and are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Some attractions require guests to transfer from their ECV to a wheelchair. Many attractions require guests to transfer from a wheelchair or ECV to board. Some attractions can be experienced by guests in their wheelchair or ECV.

Visual Impairments

BRAILLE GUIDES are available for guests. A refundable $25 deposit is required. The guide must be returned the same day.

AUDIO GUIDES are also available. They give guests a sense of direction and basic knowledge of the attractions and park, as well as notable stopping locations.

Hearing Impairments

ASSISTIVE LISTENING Devices are available for a $25 refundable deposit and amplify sound for the guest on many attractions.

HANDHELD CAPTIONING Devices are also available, giving guests a hand-held closed caption device. A refundable deposit of $100 is required.

REFLECTIVE CAPTIONING can be experienced at some theatre-like attractions within the parks. Ask a cast member for access to these areas.

VIDEO CAPTIONING (CC) is available on certain attractions with a television monitor. Many attractions only have this for their pre-shows. The remote needed to activate the CC on these monitors is available for a $25 refundable deposit.

Mental Disabilities

Due to the frightening and/or dimly lit nature of some attractions, they might want to be bypassed for guests with a mental handicap.

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