Everyone’s in the picture.

With Disney’s Photopass, you can get great, professional pictures at many popular photo spots around the parks. But instead of making the family member you don’t like take the picture, Disney’s Photopass photographers take it for you. Now you’re stuck with that family member in the picture, but look on the bright side – you get a professional shot that you can preview and add borders to before you buy.

How does it work?

FIRST, find a Disney Photopass photographer in the location you want the picture.

NEXT, ask them to take your family’s picture. When they’re done, they hand you back a Photopass card (unless you gave them one you already had) with a code on the back.

FINALLY, when you get home, jump online to their website, create a free account, and preview and/or buy the photos taken.

Tips & Suggestions

  • When a Photopass photographer takes your picture, ask them to also take the picture with your own camera. They will be more than happy to. This way, if you don’t like (or want to pay for) the professional photo, you have one on your own camera to keep!

Photopass Attractions

The only attraction that currently offers Disney’s Photopass service is Test Track at Epcot.