Not everything is perfect.

Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned – and unfortunately, this can’t be helped. With the Walt Disney World rides and attractions operating all day every day since the day they opened – well, wear and tare can cause some breakdowns. Not to mention the Florida weather. Rain, wind, and lightning may all cause a part in a ride closure. Here are some tips and facts regarding this.

Why do unplanned ride closures happen?

The weather may occasionally  play a part in the shutting down of a ride unexpectedly. This is mainly affected by outdoor rides such as Test Track and Expedition Everest. These attractions are not permitted to run when lightning strikes within (about) a seven mile radius around the ride. Test Track is even more strict – it is not permitted to run in the rain either due to the outside track sensors and the onboard computers not being able to get wet (it could make their performance less effective).

WDW Central TIP – When a ride closes due to extreme weather (e.g. lightning) – stay in line! Often times, the storm only lasts about ten minutes and the ride will reopen soon. People in the queue hear that it’s closed, they leave, which gets you more ahead in the line.

More often than bad weather, “technical difficulties” stops attractions as well. Technical difficulties meaning a computer glitch, sensor problem, or something of the like. The most well known ride to break down is Test Track – computers monitor the cars’ position, and if one car gets in the track segment of the car in front of it, the ride is automatically shut down. All ride breakdowns are usually brief, but some rides have been known to close for the rest of the day.

Don’t let closures slow you down.

When you arrive at a ride and hear it’s broken down, don’t let that ruin the magic! In fact, did you know that every attraction has a telephone cast members can use to call other attractions.

So if you don’t feel like walking all the way back to the ride to see if it’s open, no sweat! Ask a cast member near you, and they will be more than happy to call and find out for you. Also, tip boards come in handy for this sort of thing. Near a tip board? Check then to see if your ride is still broken down or not.

Ride closures are going to happen – it’s inevitable. What matters is that you keep going and enjoy another area of the park.