Plan ahead, don’t miss out.

With the Walt Disney World attractions operating 365 days a year for its guests, the only option left is for Disney to close attractions on occasion for normal maintenance and upkeep. However, you shouldn’t be left in the dark! Disney publishes the schedule for attraction closures months in advance to help you plan your trips around these times. Below is a list of the attractions that are scheduled for closure.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin will be closed from December 6th to December 19th for refurbishment.
Splash Mountain will be closed from January 3rd to February 27th, 2010 for refurbishment.
Donald’s Boat will be closed on November 19th for refurbishment.
Space Mountain is in Soft Opening: the attraction could shut down randomly until November 21st.


No refurbishments are scheduled at this time.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

No refurbishments are scheduled at this time.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

No refurbishments are scheduled at this time.

Attraction refurbishments were accurate when published here, but are subject to change without notice. This guide does not include unscheduled closures that may happen due to technical difficulties, etc.