Let everyone who wants to ride, ride.

The Rider Swap Pass is important information for anyone traveling with younger children who will not be big enough – or brave enough – to ride certain attractions.   The rider swap pass allows adults traveling with small children or family members with special needs to efficiently trade places on any attraction with a height or age restriction.   You can always get a Rider Swap Pass when your child is too small for a height restricted attraction and/or if your child is scared and doesn’t want to ride.

How does it work?

  1. Both parents take the little tyke to the standby entrance and ask the Cast Member how Rider Swap works for this particular attraction.
  2. In most cases, you will all have to go through the line together and, somewhere shortly before boarding the attraction, you will receive a pass that will let one parent exit with the non-rider while the rest of the party rides now.
  3. The waiting adult will be issued a Rider Swap Pass that allows him or her to ride the attraction at any point in the day using the FASTPASS entrance.
  4. Disney knows that nobody likes to ride alone so at least two people can ride using one Rider Swap Pass.    Other attractions will let up to three or four people ride using one Rider Swap Pass.

This works in FASTPASS lines too!

In this instance, you present your FASTPASS ticket and the small child to the Cast Member at the FASTPASS entrance.  Ask for a Rider Swap Pass – the Cast Member may take the FASTPASS from the waiting adult and issue a Rider Swap Pass in its place or they might just issue a Rider Swap Pass in addition to the FASTPASS ticket in hand. 

Before riding, ask how many people can accompany the Rider Swap Passholder. Being able to have one or more people accompany you is why you get a Rider Swap Pass – the waiting adult would end up riding alone if you just waited and used the FASTPASS in hand.

An Example, please?

Your little one is too small to ride Tower of Terror but your group has Tower of Terror FASTPASSes.  When you go to ride Tower of Terror, take the baby to the Disney Cast Member  at the FASTPASS entrance and present your FASTPASS tickets.  Tell the Cast Member that you need a Rider Swap Pass and ask how many people can ride using the one rider swap pass.

Three people can usually ride Tower of Terror using one Rider Swap Pass – the passholder and two extra friends/family members. The Cast Member gives you the pass to the  adult who will wait with the baby while the others ride using their FASTPASS tickets.  When they’re done riding, the adult(s) who have already gone on the ride take the baby and then the adult who waited, along with two others,  can then enter using the Rider Swap Pass at the FASTPASS Entrance.

The Catch


Rider Switch Tips

>> The baby actually gives you a tactical advantage during peak travel times. Because the Rider Swap Pass lets up to 3 people accompany the passholder, this is the best way to ensure that the older kids get to ride the headliners / thrill rides twice.  This is a huge advantage and saves a lot of backtracking.  Be sure the older kids know that the toddler  is the reason they get to go twice – it should encourage sibling bonding.