Tours and Experiences, just for you.

These tours and special experiences are simply ways to expand your magical experience at the Walt Disney World Resort. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been – whether you’re a first timer or an expert – each tour is different and offers views, behind the scenes facts, and insight into the brilliant theme parks. Below is a simple outline of the tours available at Walt Disney World.

Multiple Parks

Backstage Magic Tour
Embark on a seven hour tour through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks learning the technical and creative aspects that makes the magic run flawlessly. Also, tour the legendary Utilidoors underneeth the hustle of the Magic Kingdom park. Lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe.
Additional Info: Theme park admission is not required. Must be 16+. Photo ID required.

VIP Tour
Most expensive tour in the Resort. From the moment you arrive, let Disney take care of everything! With your own personal VIP Guide, you will get amazing seats, meals, and transportation for the duration of your park stay for an hourly rate.
Additional Info: Theme park admission is required. No minimum age.

Magic Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom:
This 4 and a half hour walking tour will take you to the Magic Kingdom Park, on some popular attractions and in the famous Utilidoors underneath the park. You will learn stories behind the Magic Kingdom, as well as learn some secrets on the park’s daily operations. Also tour some backstage areas while hearing some background information about Walt Disney, his dreams, and his history. Cameras are not permitted in this tour, so the backstage magic can’t be spoiled for others.
Additional Info: Must be 16+. Park admission is required but not included.

Family Magic Tour:
Best “tour” for children ages 4-10, the Family Magic Tour invites you to embark on an interactive scavenger hunt through the Magic Kingdom with your friends and family. It’s up to you to save the park from Disney villains in this 1-3 hour quest. Cameras are a necessity, and, if you manage to foil the evil plan that even has your tour guide stumped, you will be treated to a special surprise.
Additional Info: No minimum age. Park admission is required but not included.

Mickey’s Magical Milestones Tour:
This two hour journey takes you through the Magic Kingdom as your guide shares with you the history behind the park, as well as the career, history, creation, and implementation of the famous Mickey Mouse character. Hidden Mickeys will also be pointed out during the tour, as well as meeting some special guests. You will also be taken on selected attractions in the park.
Additional Info: Park admission is required but not included. No minimum age, but 10+ is recommended.

Steam Trains Tour:
In this three hour tour, get to the Magic Kingdom before opening time to get a backstage look at the railroad engineers prepare the trains for the days work. Also hear about Walt Disney’s love for trains, and get to see the areas in the Park where the trains are stored and serviced. Perfect for anyone with a love or fascination for steam trains!
Additional Info: Must be 10+. Park admission is required but not included.


Around the World at Epcot:
See Epcot’s incredible World Showcase, featuring many countries of the world, on a two-wheeled Segway Transporter! First, an expert will teach you what you need to know to operate the Segway in the parks. Then, it’s on to the tour giving you a different look at each country, including the many details that were put into each design. There are rough paths if you’re wanting to test your skill, and of course there are smooth terrain paths for those taking it easy.
Additional Info: Must be 16+. Must weigh 100-250 pounds. Park admission is required but not included.

The UnDISCOVERed Future World:
Go on a journey telling the story of how Walt Disney’s passion for shaping the future effected the development of Epcot. In this four hour tour, you will learn the history of Epcot, including how it went from EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) to EPCOT Center, and then later to Epcot. Also journey backstage into areas not usually seen by guests to see how Epcot operates day-to-day.
Additional Info: Must be 16+. Park admission is required but not included.

Behind the Seeds:
A quick 30-60 minute tour giving you an inside look of the greenhouses at The Land pavilion. Tour the greenhouses more in depth than what the Living with the Land attractions offers. Learn about agriculture, farming, and experiments and achievements being made in the future of this popular topic.
Additional Info: No minimum age. Park admission is required but not included.

Dolphins in Depth:
Dive into this three hour tour located at The Seas: with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. Learn from experts about these amazing animals and their underwater habits and behaviors. Towards the end, you’ll get to get up close to the creatures, and if you bring a bathing suit, you’ll get to enter the water with them! You don’t need to swim or be scuba certified to enjoy this tour.
Additional Info: Must be 13+. Anyone under 18 must have parent/guardian.

Epcot DiveQuest:
A very unique and special experience that lets you live – literally – into the 5.7 million gallon salt water tank at The Seas: with Nemo & Friends pavilion.Swim with the over 6,000 creatures living in the tank representing some 60 species. Also get a backstage look at what massive and efficient equipment it takes to run this large water unit.
Additional Info: Must be 10+ and SCUBA certified. Guests 10-14 must have SCUBA certified adult with them.

Simply Segway Tour:
In this 30 minute to an hour tour, guests get a detailed look at the incredible Segway Transport device at the Innoventions area. This is for those people who aren’t necessarily brave enough for the Around the World at Epcot Tour, but still wish to learn more about this amazing device and it’s capabilities. You will be formally trained to ride and will get time to do just that in a special indoor area.
Additional Info: Must be 16+. Must way under 250 pounds.

Seas Aqua Tour:
Perfect tour for those interested in DiveQuest, but aren’t SCUBA certified. In this three hour tour, you can swim on the surface of the 5.7 million gallon tank holding thousands of underwater creatures. The supplied-air snorkel system allows you to float on the surface, having a front row view of the water life below. Also get a look at the filters and equipment used to run this tank.
Additional Info: Must be 8+. Guests 8-16 must have participating adult. Swim suit required and not included. Snorkel equipment provided.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wild by Design Tour:
Wild by Design is a three hour tour that tells the story of how Walt Disney Imagineering used creativity and imagination to transform the Florida wetlands into the crazy jungle that is Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. This is not really a ‘backstage tour’, as the entire tour is ‘onstage’, the areas guests can see. It focuses on the plants and landscapes of Animal Kingdom, and how the Imagineers created a whole other world.
Additional Info: Must be 14+. Park admission is required but not included.

Backstage Safari:
This tour takes you on the other side of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park – the backstage areas not normally seen by guests. In the three hour tour, see many backstage areas – where the animals are kept, cared for, sleep, and more! Talk with expert cast members about how they care for the many wild animals that roam in the park day after day. Also get to see some of the animals up close in their backstage habitats.
Additional Info: Must be 16+. Park admission is required but not included.

Special Experiences

Specialty Cruises:
Whether you’re celebrating something really special, or just taking a relaxing day off on the water, these specialty cruises will be something special to remember. These are very customizable – you can pick from a variety of boat types, the location of your excursion, and whether it’s going to be casual, a festive party, or something in between. Locations include views of Magic Kingdom, Epcot (even IllumiNations), Downtown Disney, and many resorts. For a full list of locations available and descriptions of boats available, click here.
Additional Info: None.

Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage:
Join your captain, Patch, who’s full of jokes, trivia, and stories, on this whimsical journey you’ll never forget. Before you set sail, you’re treated to snacks, then are sent off by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee themselves. The night is still young when you set sail into the Seven Seas Lagoon, where you’ll hear tales of adventure. On your boat, you get a spectacular view of Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle and Wishes!, the fireworks extravaganza. Then come in for a landing and be greeted by a special guest. Listen to the final story by Patch, as his clues may lead to a special surprise!
Additional Info: 1-3 hours. Nov. 22 – Jan. 2, the voyage runs 7 days a week. Usual is Friday – Monday.

How to Book

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