Go singin’ in the rain.

Because Walt Disney World is located in central Florida, the weather may vary – and if you’re unprepared, it could mean long, boring hours in your hotel room. Keep in mind that weather is sometimes unpredictable, too! This is a quick guide to help you experience the magic at it’s best no matter what the weather forecast looks like.

The Magic when it’s

  • This is the most typical weather you’ll see in WDW. If hot, sunny weather is your worst nightmare, you should come during the winter months.
  • You should be wearing the least amount of clothing possible. Shorts and a T-shirt is perfect.
  • This is great picture weather! Pictures you take will look awesome due to the bright sun – no matter what camera you have.
  • It’s essential to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Also stay in the shade and air conditioning as much as possible, for your comfort and safety.
  • Mist fans are wonderful for this weather as a quick way to cool down. Also mist sprayers are located in the parks too (ex. before Test Track).

The Magic when it’s

  • Another characteristic of Florida weather is the afternoon rain showers. These are typically short lasting.
  • During the shower, many folks think it will last long and return to their hotel room. Don’t do this – simply go on an indoor attraction or two, letting it pass.
  • Afterwords, the parks will be considerably less crowded – meaning more room for you!
  • Another plus of afternoon showers is that they really cool the area down.

The Magic when it’s

  • Lots of times during the summer months, thunderstorms and/or heavy rain may occur. These can last any length of time – from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours.
  • When this happens, if you plan to continue your adventure in the parks, a rain poncho is a necessity.
  • Remember, if it’s lightning and you’re in a parking lot or an empty, open section of a park you should stay in your car or seek indoor shelter immediately.
  • Some rides such as Test Track, Expedition Everest, Thunder Mountain, and other outdoor attractions will close during a thunderstorm.

The Magic when it’s

  • In the winter months, even if the days aren’t too cold, the nights might be.
  • Always bring a jacket if the forecast is colder than normal.
  • It’s much easier to stay hydrated and have more energy when it’s cooler outside.
  • This would be the time to get many outdoor rides done in a row – mainly because you won’t be tired and hot from waiting outside in the summer heat.

No matter what weather is happening at Walt Disney World, the parks were designed to allow guests to experience many attractions in not so perfect conditions. That’s why there are many indoor attractions, covered walkways, gift shops, and more – so while the weather may be bad, you can still be having some fun!

THE MAGIC KINGDOM is the park best suited for afternoon showers and thunderstorms – it is not too spread out and has much to do indoors. Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are useful.

EPCOT is spread out, but still has quite a few places to duck your head during some rain. World Showcase is especially helpful – there are gift shops in every pavilion if necessary.

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS is fairly large and has plenty of shops and restaurants to shelter you. Hollywood Blvd. (the main street in the park) is packed with shelter-giving shops.

ANIMAL KINGDOM is the largest park yet has the least shelter. It’s also the most crowded. If the forecast calls for rain or thunderstorms, this is the park you should avoid.