The Disney Rating Program

The DRP ratings are aimed to give Disney guests the ability to see what factors may prevent them or others in their party from experiencing certain attractions.

Understand the Ratings

Intended for Children
Attractions with this rating are specifically designed for children but may be experienced by any age group without problems. These rides may have mild special effects and scenes that very young children could find frightening, however it won’t have jerkiness or turbulence that would prohibit older guests from riding. Rides with this rating won’t have height requirements.
Intended for All Guests
Attractions rated for all guests are intended for everyone. Most children will be able to ride without a problem, however some scenes or themes may be too frightening for younger children. These attractions may have mild turbulence or jerkiness, but nothing extreme that would prohibit older guests from riding. The rides may have height requirements restricting some children from riding for their own safety.
Intended for Most Guests
Guests should use mild caution before riding. Attractions with this rating may contain scary special effects or frightening scenes that are too intense for children. Most roller-coasters will have this rating due to high turbulence and jerky movements, and these rides may also have height requirements. Guests with back, neck, or other health problems should learn more before experiencing.
Intended for Some Guests
Guests are strongly cautioned. Attractions with this rating may contain intensely frightening scenes or special effects, and the turbulence and jerky movements may be too discomforting for many guests. These attractions could be potentially harmful to those with severe health conditions. Many visitors will find this experience too intense. Strict height requirements may apply.

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