Walt’s Values, Ideals, + Principles

Although Walt is gone, much of his legacy, core values, and attention to detail is still used and thought of constantly.

Everyone’s a kid.
Walt was a kid at heart, and he realized that most adults are. That’s why he envisioned Disney World as a place where parents and kids would have fun together. Whatever fun is for you, you’ll find it here.

Work hard, play hard.
Walt probably had the funnest job of anyone – creating pure magic. But at the same time, that’s a lot of work. Not only did he work very hard, Walt made sure to spend plenty of time with family and friends.

Be Imaginative.
He was incredibly creative. After all, he imagined Walt Disney World and all of it’s unique ideas. Imagination and creativity is one of the things that got him so far.

Love nature.
Walt loved anything to do with animals and nature – the great outdoors. The company has continued this passion by expanding their theme parks with the addition of Animal Kingdom, which as is evident in it’s name, is all about nature.

It’s not about money.
Disney is the biggest entertainment company in the world, so yes, they have plenty of money. But Walt believed it wasn’t about how much money you had. It was about what you did. It was about making people happy.

Listen to others.
In Disneyland, Walt completely overhauled The Jungle Cruise simply because he overheard one guest say they didn’t need to ride it because they already saw it. He listened to guest feedback and truly cared.

Details are important.
It’s very evident in the Parks that Walt payed the closest attention to detail. The different themed areas were perfectly planned out down to the last nail, making the “worlds” that much more realistic.

Invest in the youth.
Walt Disney created CalArts because he wanted to create capable adults. “I want it so if an actor is needed, they can get an actor right out of school. If a musician is needed, they can go to the music department and find a musicians who can compose music.”

Walt Disney World is so successful because the one who started it all wasn’t in it for the fame or fortune. He truly wanted to make a happy place that everyone could enjoy. And he succeeded.

“I don’t want the public to see the world they live in while they’re in the park. I want to feel they’re in another world.”

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