Top 5: Scents of Walt Disney World

Welcome to another post in our Top 5 Series! Walt Disney World is full of wonderful scents – some put out during rides on purpose, others not so intentional. No matter what though, scents from Walt Disney World are always a pleasant memory to me. When I get a “Disney scent” outside of “the world”, it always bring back wonderful memories. Here are my top 5 scents of Walt Disney World.

5. Spaceship Earth (Burning Rome): A great smell that is distinctly “Disney”. A classic that most can recognize – it had to make this list!

4. Soarin’ (Orange and Pine): Soarin’ is one of my favorite rides ever. And anytime I’m in the “real world” and get a whiff of orange or pine scented air freshner or spray, it instantly takes me to Soarin’.

3. Monorail (Air Conditioner): You know the smell. You are waiting in line for the monorail in the hot Florida heat. The monorail finally pulls up and you enter the wonderful ice-cold monorail car that has that air conditioner-ish smell.

2. Hotel Rooms (Clean scent): You’ve walked up stairs or taken the elevator with luggage. Hunt your room down, and when you find it, you walk in to that clean smelling (most of the time) room that welcomes you to relax and turn on the TV to watch Stacy.

1. Water Rides (Chlorine/Water smell): Any ride that has water: Living with the Land, it’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean and the like. Walking into the building that houses the ride, you get closer and closer to the actual attraction and the smell of chlorine in the water lets you know you are there.

These are just a few of the wonderful scents of Walt Disney World. They play a big part in helping remember the magic!

Are there more? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite Disney scents are. Think I’m crazy? Leave a comment too!

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